September 17, 2020

Woman takes 20 acid lip injections to look like Barbie

Who would have wondered that someone would love to have the world’s largest lips? Well, that’s what Andrea Ivanova craves.

Woman takes 20 acid lip injections to look like Barbie yerenwgsnews

The 22-year-old who is an Instagram model from Bulgaria, as had 20 rounds of hyaluronic acid lip injections already, and is not yet done with getting a permanent pout.

Andrea just got her 20th round of lip filler injections, and despite the fact they look like they’re about to pop, she is ready to go extra miles to make her lips even bigger.

Clearly, she’s digging the work docs did for her, the center of Andrea’s lips can’t even touch anymore.

She said: “I had my latest injection two days ago.

“I feel great to have even more but some doctors think it’s enough, though I still want them bigger.

“My doctor said he will do more injections for me but said I have to wait for at least two months.

“I like my new lips a lot, it was hard to eat after the injection and two to three days after the procedure gets more difficult.

“There are no restrictions to what I can eat.

“I think my lips are lovely, I love them.

“I am not sure if they are the biggest lips in the world but they are one of the biggest, I think.”

Andrea started down this particular road back in 2018, and in that time she’s accrued quite a few followers on her Instagram page.

In fact, she’s now got 32.1k people watching her progress.

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