September 17, 2020

Soldier’s wife glued to another man while having sex in Ogun (Video)

A man having sex with a woman reported to be a soldier’s wife has glued to her in the process.

In the video making rounds on social media the bizarre incident was caused by a traditional fetish spell, popularly referred to as Magun by the Yoruba people of South West Nigeria.

Soldier’s wife glued to another man while having sex (Video)

Reports also have it that the incident happened somewhere in Ogun state as the characters in the video could be heard speaking the native yoruba language.

The male victim in the video was heard telling the other people to help him out so he won’t be put into shame.

” Please help me, don’t let me be disgraced. Please don’t blow my cover”, He said in tears.

The eyewitness who was searching for a solution lambasted the man for coming to sleep with another man’s wife in his house. He also mentioned that the woman is a soldier’s wife.

Other eyewitnesses who recorded the video from a secret cover, while commenting on the incident said the man is a known womanizer in the community and it serves him right.

“They know the male victim, the man likes woman, good for him, they are now in trouble”. the voice behind the camera says.


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