September 17, 2020

Lady blasts man who took her on a first date and asked her where she sees herself in 5 years

A Nigerian lady has gone viral on social media,  after she narrated how she went on a date with a guy and left because he was asking where she sees herself in the next five years.

According to her, the date was supposed to be a perfect date with food and candlelight as she said the dinner was their first date together, only for her to be asked “ interview questions.”

Speaking in the a video, she said;

“I went for a date with this guy. It was supposed to be a perfect date with good food and candle light. We were supposed to get to know each other since it’s our first date.

But this guy came up with questions like – Where do you see yourself in the next five years? I was like, am I on a date or is this an interview? After that question, we all went our separate ways. Guys you need to learn how to ask questions on the first date”

See video below;

Socialites! do you agree with the lady?

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