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My cousin tried to strangle me in my sleep, i need justice – Lady cries out (Photo)

A Nigerian lady has called out her cousin who she accused of trying to strangle her in her sleep, out of jealousy.

The lady took to her facebook page, Felix Vic to reveal how her father’s brother’s daughter, Blessing Ngozii Festus Nwatu (both women pictured) allegedly attacked her while she was sleeping and tried to strangle her.

Lady accuses cousin of trying to kill her out of jealousy in Lagos (Photo)

She wrote;

Oh lord I want to thank u that March 30th 2020 was not my last day. I was not feeling fine so I took injections that made me slept off.. I woke up not seeing my phones iPhone X and samsung note 2 my purse my money atm and all… I called my Aunty she said she was not the person that took it despite she’s the last person that left the house.. I kept quiet she came home and asked why I was not crying I smiled and said my God will provide another phone for me wen am fine and better… in the mid night around 4am wen I was sleeping I woke up to meet my Aunty hand on my neck trying to kill me using iron to nack my head that I must die today… Vic u must die today strangling my neck so hard I was shouting and screaming help me blood was pouring over my mouth.I was just about to give up before my neighbors came.. she said don’t worry she has convotion.. she kept nackin me with the iron saying nobody will help you here.. until Dey broke the door .. few weeks back she was asking where my the documents to my car is I should give her to keep thank God I did not gave it to her.. she want to kill me cus of my shop my house my car and my phones.. this is my daddy brother daughter I love so much feed and do so many things for.. I don’t no what I have don wrong.. this anti did not even pity my dad I am his only hope.. my atm is with her she knows my pin am afraid now if she haven’t withdrawn all my money.. been searching for her since yesterday nowhere to be find.. Incase anybody sees her, her name is blessing ngozii Africa festus nwatu … pls u all should help me beg her to leave my life alone …: I should have been dead if not for God and my neighbors.. now I can’t stay in my house.

I have to start sleeping anywhere In my frds house… I have nothing to eat no phone I can’t move my neck My troats hurt I can’t go to the hospital Bcus of this corona stuff and she stole my atm phone I can’t do transfer.. they said ur best friend can be ur worstest enemy.. na inside film I take Dey watch ham… blessing and anybody that’s involved to take my life bcus I bought a small car bcus of jealousy pls I am begging u in the name of God leave me alone trust NOBODY pls I need justice

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Bolt launches Business Delivery in Lagos and Abuja

Lagos, 1 April 2020 – Bolt, the leading on-demand transportation platform in Africa, launches Bolt Business Delivery service in Lagos and Abuja today. The service works by connecting businesses with couriers on the Bolt platform and allows vendors to place orders online to deliver products to their customers affordably within the same day or even hour.

Bolt launches Business Delivery in Lagos and Abuja

“Bolt has been working around the clock to provide innovative solutions to assist Nigerian businesses and our micro-economy workforce to continue generating revenue safely during the lockdown,” says Femi Akin-Laguda, country manager for Bolt in Nigeria. “Being agile and identifying ways that businesses can work together is key to our economy’s survival through this crisis.”

“We have launched Bolt Business Delivery with two key goals in mind: to make sure that drivers on the Bolt platform can continue to earn a living safely, and to help businesses selling the essential products defined by the lockdown regulations to get orders to their customers quickly and safely,” explains Akin-Laguda.

Bolt Business Delivery has a simple, easy-to-use web interface. Vendors are able to upload deliveries in batches via CSV or can enter them manually using a simple form. Orders can be set to be picked up immediately or scheduled to be collected within 48 hours.
When adding orders, vendors will receive a price estimate. Once they confirm request delivery, Bolt will dispatch a courier to collect the order at the specified time.

The real-time tracking features ensure that both vendors and customers are fully updated on the progress of the order. Vendors will receive a live status update on the web app and the end-customer will get an SMS notification that their delivery is on the way, the estimated time of arrival and the courier’s contact details.

During the COVID-19 outbreak, contactless delivery is mandatory for all Bolt Business Delivery orders to help prevent the spread of the virus from person to person. The vendors will have to specify a location in the app where the courier can leave the package and they will never be in direct contact with the receiver. The same applies to restaurant pickups, where the couriers do not come into direct contact with the restaurant staff.

Businesses can register via an online form or contact Bolt at

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The management and owners of the Calabar Mall and SPAR would like to go on record to clarify certain false communications that are circulating online. The Calabar Mall building did NOT collapse as suggested through fake claims on the internet, and the shops remain open to customers.

Mrs. Egbunu Kemi, the Management of the Mall has stated on record that the External Advertisement Board located by the parking of the mall collapsed, possibly due to heavy winds. We are delighted and relieved that nobody was hurt in the incident, but unfortunately a few vehicles were damaged.


In her words, “the collapse of the billboard happened in the evening of April 2, 2020, as a Safety Conscious organization, we have hitherto ensured that the entire mall is built to leading standards. The External billboard collapsed and thankfully, nobody was hurt.”

“As an organization, we will want to reiterate that the mall is installed with the best safety measure and our safety equipment are top-notch because the safety of all of our tenants and shoppers is of utmost importance to us,” she added.

The Calabar Mall and SPAR supermarket remain open to customers and is safe, and we continue to do our best to ensure that our stores are well-stocked to meet our customers’ demands.
Staff and security on ground are adhering to all health and safety regulations provided by the government during these tough times, and assure customers that safety is our number one priority.

Thank you for your patronage.

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COVID-19: Osun state returnees not adhering to isolation order – Reps Member

A member of House of Representatives claims that some of the Osun state returnees from Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoire, are not adhering to self-isolation.

According to the house of representative member representing Ede North, Ede South, Egbedore and Ejigbo Federal Constituency in the National Assembly, Bamidele Salam, some of the 127 returnees had, contrary to directives, been playing host to their relatives in the dead of the night where they have been isolated before testing for COVID-19.

He said in the statement:

“I received with concern reports of the positive testing to COVID-19 of some recent returnees from Cote d’Ivoire to Ejigbo in our Federal constituency.

“While acknowledging the good job of the Osun State Government team on COVID-19 which resulted in the isolation and testing of the returnees, I am equally worried about reports that some of the persons in isolation played host to a few relatives under the cover of the night.

“I wish to therefore appeal to our good people of Ejigbo to please adhere strictly to the total lockdown ordered by the State Government and also immediately report anyone showing symptoms of infection to the toll free emergency number of the centre for disease control which is 08097000010.

“If you know anyone who might have had contact with the returnees in isolation, please report same to relevant agencies and community leaders for prompt action.

“Residents of Ejigbo and other neighbouring towns are also enjoined to cooperate with all government agencies by observing health advice and directives such as regular hand washing and reasonable social distancing in order to avoid an escalation of the spread of the coronavirus.

“I will also be joining hands with the emergency relief committee set up by the State government and community leaders to scale up my personal intervention in the area of providing relief to the old, widows and other vulnerable members of the communities in our Federal constituency.

“I pray that the mercies of God will prevail in these hours and finally bring this scourge to an end very soon.”

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Check out the sit-at-home food package in Philippines (Video)

Nigerian man in Philippines shared the “sit-at-home food package” he got from the government to support him.

Some of the items in the “sit-at-home food package” given to the Nigerian man even though he is a foreigner in the Philippines includes, a bag of rice, pack of noodles, canned foods, packs of juice and more.

Check out the sit-at-home package in Philippines (Video)

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, Philippines have been on a lockdown which started March 15 and is to end April 12 to help reduce the spread of the virus.

Watch the video below.

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has told police, security forces to shoot dead anyone causing “trouble” in areas locked down due to the coronavirus pandemic. About half of Philippine ‘s roughly 110 million people are currently under quarantine — including millions in deep poverty, left jobless by tough restrictions on movement.

The Philippines has so far detected 2,311 cases and reported 96 deaths, but the number of confirmed infections is expected to keep rising.

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